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Taste & Value

You are not a basic template of a human; your wines should be as unique and expressive as you are. We deliver the best wines that are made with the individual characteristic of the winemaker, so no matter what type of palate you have, you can rely on quality.

Our house sommeliers, Aubrey and Jennifer, are picky when they choose wines from vineyards around the world because they know that you are too. Using their experience as restaurant wine buyers, they are ruthlessly searching around the world for the best wines at the best prices, looking far beyond monumental classic brands, such as Napa wineries or Burgundy domaines (although those are in there too!).

Our wine team delivers the personalized service of a restaurant Sommelier without the mark up of a middle man. Normally a wine shop or restaurant wine list will have a higher markup because they must also pay for the markups from the wine distributor. Other wine clubs may act as a winery, in which they source second-tier grapes to create their own label.

With Palate Club you have the best of both worlds; we incorporate the personalized suggestions of a wine expert, the quality of artisan winemakers, and the ease of buying wine online that is delivered to your door.

Your wine tasting experience should be about discovering your favorite taste. We believe that expensive wines aren’t necessarily better wines and that rating from wine critics aren’t the most reliable way to select for your own preferences. We want to know your personal wine ratings!

Our system frees you from always clinging to classic wine grapes, such as Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay. We looks for wineries outside the ordinary- we use French wine, Italian wine, California wine, but also Chilean wine, German wine, and Greek wine. We are your online wine shop for vintage wines, premium wines, and everyday wines. You can trust that whether you are ordering your red wine for a Tuesday night, or wishing to impress your dinner guests with top wines, your shipment will be hand-selected by wine experts.

You never have to worry about experimenting with a new wine region or grape varietal because they are always selected for quality and always catered to your palate.

Most accurate formula to match your preferences

Our formula was created by french data scientists under the direction of Advanced Sommeliers Aubrey Terrazas and Jennifer Estevez. The two wine experts put together a list of 100 traits for both red and white wines respectively to create a detailed categorization system for the wines. Every time a wine is selected for Palate Club, a detailed profile is entered into the formula by the sommelier team. Palate Club’s algorithm works by tracking the wine ratings that a user provides for each bottle they taste.

All wines are shipped “blind” (i.e. in special wrapping that hides the label) so the taster can experience them objectively and truly understand what they enjoy without any preconceived notions.

When you order wine, they are selected accurately based on the scientific makeup of your palate.

As a user drinks and rates wines, the wine shipments become more personalized to them and they will progressively unlock more levels of their Palate Profile in the app. Furthermore, the detailed descriptions provided for the palate allow the user to become a better taster and a developed level of “wine speak.”

The User Experience

The user experience is designed to be friendly, hospitable and enjoyable. Through regular Palate Club tastings, the user improves their overall understanding of wine with a clear understanding of their palate. Many of our friends ask where to order wine online or which wine delivery companies are the best. We were often unsatisfied with the service of wine tasting delivery in the past, so we wanted to create an Internet wine store that is as easy to use as it is reliable for quality.

Palate Club users will never have to call a foreign country to cancel or change a shipment. The app has a variety of different shipment options that can be adjusted at any time. Users can adjust the level of variety in their shipments by customizing their shipment to discover more new wines, receive red, white, or both, alter the frequency of shipment, and set the price of bottles. Shipping, storage and service are incorporated into our price tiers, so you never have to guess how much your online wine tasting will cost.

We have made it easy to buy wines online; others that claim to be the “best wine clubs” often force the user into shipments that aren’t convenient or only feature a single winery or varietal, such as Pinot Noir. Palate Club offers not only customized wine packages, but a diversity of wineries and vineyards, chosen to your wine ratings, and shipped to your preference. You call the shots. Currently, we offer wine delivery in California, but we plan to expand to US wine shipping this year!


You’re a part of a community when you join Palate Club. Here we make it easy for you to share a shipment with a friend, ensuring that your profiles stay specific to your tastes (not muddled like when your roommate mixes all of her rom-coms into your kung-fu flicks on Netflix). Here you have the added bonus of discovering your loved ones’ palates, so that you can be the hero the next time you are shopping for wine as a gift. By the way, we make blind wine tasting parties easy to execute, as the wine labels are already hidden.

We do not see ourselves as part of a snobby wine society. We share real knowledge and unique tips about the best ways to serve and enjoy wine. We want your wine knowledge to flourish, so our sommeliers have created blogs, a YouTube channel, winemaker interviews, photos, wine maps- basically and a cornucopia of tidbits to keep you engaged.

Learn more about your favorite grapes, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, or dig into the new wines that you discover, such as a Portuguese wine. Within the app, we feature the story of the winemaker and the region- never just stand alone tasting notes! We know that our friends are already savvy and curious, so we want to share our knowledge in a community of wine lovers who want to be expert wine tasters.

Learn to buy wine anywhere, whether at a local wine tasting in California wine country, at a local wine shop, or with us:).

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“I used to always buy wine because I liked the label, but was often disappointed. Palate Club empowered me understand my preferences and sends me wines that I love every time”

Sarah / Project Manager - San Francisco

“I’ve tried a lot of other wine club apps that claim to deliver quality, but ended up with so many headaches and wasted bottles because the wine was garbage. Palate club sends me quality wine, every time”

Michael / Interior Designer - Los Angeles

“So easy! I choose how many wines I want, which color, price and how often the wines are delivered. I feel like Palate Club has made a wine club subscription that is about me”

Reina / Accountant - Palo Alto

“I have had so many wine clubs that send me what THEY want to send me. Palate Club is the first that sends me amazing wine that is chosen for ME on MY budget and I love it!”

Rachel / Esthetician - San Francisco

A blog by Palate Club Ambassadors Jennifer Estevez and Aubrey Terrazas.